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Dan Stretton

All About Dan

My journey into becoming a bodyworker starts over 20 years ago.

Reaching my mid-40’s I was, on the surface a very successful business man, with the car, the house and all the trappings of a “wealthy” life. But I knew that there was more. My business had grown and but there was no depth or satisfaction in my work. I knew there was something more.

Then, one day, on a friend’s recommendation I decided to try a Shiatsu treatment.

In that single treatment my life took a completely new course.

I knew that I HAD to become a bodyworker. From that day I literally devoted my life to studying Shiatsu. The house and the cars went. I lived in a tiny bedsit and spent what little money I had on books and train fares to London to attend courses.

By 50 I was fully qualified and had a growing practice. New practitioners note: Yes, I also lost ALL my practice clients once I started to ask for payment. It happens to us all and I’m no exception!

BUT I still needed to know MORE so I trained to become a Shiatsu teacher.

All the time I never stopped learning, studying, attending courses and growing my practice. Of course, I made mistakes along the way, and those taught me some immensley valuable lessons.

My practice continued to grow and I noticed something…

So many of my clients were presenting with back pain in some form or another.

I turned my attention to the different theories surrounding back pain. I studied the anatomy of the back, the biomechanics of movement and posture. I read books on the psych-emotional origins of back pain and many texts on the physiotherapy techniques used for back pain and trauma.

As I studied, I designed and developed my own approach that encompasses all of the knowledge that I had been gathering, testing these techniques in my clinic.

Now I’m ready to share these techniques with as many people as I can . My journey has been a long and enriching one and it continues.

I have spent literally thousands of hours and many thousands of pounds on developing these techniques so that you don’t have to.

They are all you need to learn to heal people from years of pain and transform your practice.