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Dan Stretton

Should it hurt?

Should it hurt? post image

I saw a video recently of a practitioner demonstrating the use of his knees to release a body. The practitioner was aware, well versed in anatomy and constantly communicated with the receiver.

It was uncomfortable for the receiver and at times painful, but at the end of the session the receiver reported great relief from their presented symptoms.

Many of the comments from viewers of the video related to, and I paraphrase, “You can’t cause discomfort”

I give you this, taken from “Essential Questions” Ch.2
“When the pathogen comes to dwell as a guest, first it resides in the skin and hair. If it remains and does not leave it will enter the minute correcting channels. If it remains and does not leave it will enter the Luo channels, reaching finally the 5 Zang and spreading into the intestines and stomach”

What does this mean? For years I have spoken and taught that practitioners need to understand, not only how long are presented symptoms has been in existence and its possible cause, but how DEEP into the body the energetic has penetrated.

When working on the body remember the quote from Essential Questions, and find where the energetic is stuck.

Here you need, once again, to remember that if the energetic is deep, you need to go deep. When you can find it it may well be painful. So what?!

That’s what they are paying you for. By shying away you are negating the objective of the treatment. Stay with the situation, supporting, and being sensitive to your client, and use every technique you know to open the flow.

The ancients knew that to avoid this process would only lead to further and perhaps worse illness.