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Dan Stretton

Video Clips

An eclectic collection of video clips, from my clinic, courses and DVD recordings.  I think you will find some new technique to try or learn some new piece of information about bodywork. From the simple arm rotation video clip to the more detailed clip on the anatomy of the sacrospinalis, there should be something for everyone here, no matter what stage of your practice you are at.

These videos are designed to educate bodyworkers. Please take time to read the legal disclaimer that accompanies these videos at the end of this page.

Rocking the body from the toes

In this video ……


Releasing the kneecap with Contact and Release of the Fascia

This clip is from my Essential Bodyworker’s Toolkit course in 2010. You can see the techniques I use in more detail in my Essential Bodyworker’s Toolkit DVD.


The Muscles of the Sacrospinalis

In this video clip, I talk about the muscles of the Sacrospinalis

A short clip on the subject of the Psoas

Legal Disclaimer: All videos featured on this site are learning tools for people who are undertaking or who have undertaken a professional qualification. They should not be used solely as a substitute for professional training. Dan Stretton and A. O’Connor cannot accept any liability for any misadventure resulting from the incorrect application of any of the techniques demonstrated in these videos.