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How does Sciatica relate to Poor Vision?

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How does Sciatica relate to Poor Vision? post image

A few days ago I was asked a question relating to Sciatica and eye problems which seemed a very interesting mix and one I hadn’t considered before. The following is taken from my reply. If you have any interesting questions, I’d love to hear them. Please send an email: info@danstretton.com 

Sciatica is pressure on the Sciatic nerve often, but not always caused by a contracted lateral muscle called the piriformis. This muscle forms an energetic line which relates to the Gallbladder. This meridian starts on the lateral edge of the eye and has a partner organ which is the Liver. These two organs on one level relate to foresight, clarity of vision and direction. The Liver relates to where you are going and the Gallbladder relates how you get there.

How you get there, in life, often means casting about, which means lateral movement. The piriformis is a lateral muscle and, if tight could mean that the sufferer is in a bit of a bind about which way to go on a subject relating to life.

If someone is stuck with this they could have a laterally related condition such as sciatica coupled with an inability to see a reasonable distance forwards (myopia).

On an holistic basis Shiatsu may address both conditions over a reasonable period of time ie 6-18 months but would involve some changes in lifestyle. Although I have no experience, nor know of any practitioner who has had this experience of treating myopia, I do know that some of my clients have experienced improvements in eye conditions subsequent to my treatments.

Posture has a huge effect on the human condition. The question has to be asked, whether the human condition causes the postural imbalance, by this I mean lifestyle and life attitudes, or whether an incident in the life of the client has caused the imbalance and this has not been addressed subsequently.




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